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Monday, June 8, 2009

Lundayeh's Wedding Feast

Attending a Lundayeh's feast at a Lundayeh's village will not be completed if you do not spend some time under the "sedayan" (english translation= tent) which traditionally made from bamboo, some planks of woods and big canvas. However, these days you can also see some used modern 'pasang-siap' tent which you rent from a tent renting companies and even a mix of both (modern & traditional).

The food normally laid out on the table (I wonder why the house-flies normally are not around during feast like this). It's a mix of everything and you can eat all you can. They'll even re-fill the side dishes for you if you ask for it.

To the Muslims guest attending a non-muslim's wedding, please notice that there's a special tent with food specially made just for you (of course prepared by Muslims as well). The specially assigned area normally placed at the front, near/next to the bride & groom's "bersanding" seat. It's important so you won't be shocked with the "normal-feast food" on the other's tables ^^ which usually consist of pork, pork and more pork ^^ (boiled, cooked in dark soya sauce, sweet & sour etc).

Lundayeh's wedding feast rarely served liquor. I actually have NOT been to/heared any of Lundayeh's wedding serving them. Atleast not during the day time. So those whose planning to "hit the spin around channel", you might saved it later okies!! ^^

The above photos were the only photos taken by me during the lunch time.

The rest were taken by a new photographer I assigned^^.

"Luba Tinga" translated as "Wrapped Rice" (the hard version) and a bowl of clear soup. The rice grains used for the wrapped rice was a good one with nice fragance. I forgot the name of its
more info: some Lundayeh or Lunbawang (especially from Sarawak) might call Luba Tinga as Nuba Tinga. It's the same thing though.
Wrap Rice~ it's not that I can't cook it, but I can not mastered the wrapping skill instead since you have to do it while it's piping HOT! and the elders mentioned that the way your wrap a rice will affect its taste. In other words, bad wrapping skills will end up with bad taste.

happenings during eating time. Those are my uncles... yup! even the old one ^^

Now, introducing the photographer of the day

a self-portrait of
Little Eagle aka my son

I'll be uploading the rest of the photos taken by son at my FB

more to come!!


rin-chan 린- 찬 said...

i would love to go to lundayeh's wedding :-) i've been to few friends weddings in tamparuli and topokon and it surely a different experience for me. but i liked it hehe..

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

the way they serve the food varies however. some prefers buffet styles but at my village in Tenom, they still stick to the all-you-can-eat-on-the-table.

mikestation said...

wa... young photographer.

should ask him to take pic of the pig head... the most delicious portion :-)

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

unfortunately we did not sit infront of one that day ^^ hehehe