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Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Name is ... (Knowing the Lundayeh People - Part 2)

The Lundayeh have their own idea/ ways on names. Yes we have quite-a-unique names though nowadays most parents gave western-modern names to their children (like me! hahaha!). Well, hubby and I did gave a Lundayeh name (along with the western one) to my son and it's stated in his birth certs so I'm excused in this case ok *wink*.

How unique is Lundayeh's name? Let me start with ones with very direct meaning (no transalation needed for bahasa). Here goes...

  • Singa (english translation : lion)
  • Kancil (english translation : mousedeer)
  • Baru (english translation : new)
  • Agung (english translation : king? majesty? well .. I think i need help here *wink*)
**Those were the ones that cross my mine at this moment

Next, let me share some names that needed a little bit shake on the brain.. oh yeah *wink*.

  • Selutan (origin--> SULTAN. source: my late grandfather)
  • Buayeh (sounded like the peninsular people pronounce BUAYA with H added at the end and no!! I'm not mocking, this is fact)
  • Bua' (BUAH)
**There more but not at this moment.. *sigh* (any Lundayeh/ Lunbawang people are welcome to enlighten me with more names...)

I have one too!! _Allau_It was given by my late-grandfather but never stated in my birth cert which I don't know why. My grandparents are/were the only ones that called me by that name. Strangely enough, I kinda like that name now though I hated it when I was young. But a dear aunty (who shared the same name with me) told me that it's a good and strong name. However I wonder why I am not as strong (physically) enough as that name *sigh*.

My Little Eagle was given a Lundayeh name as well (Kenui) which means.. Eagle! hehehe!! My dad even thought and suggested us if (I repeat IF) we have a baby girl in the future.. The name started with the same alphabet with son's western name, Gituen.. means STAR.

I never wish to push away these traditional names and luckily hubby had the same thought. We knew that one day, our descendant(s) will be proud with the name(s) that we gave.

Yes... one day...*dreaming*


Michael said...

Balang = bottle/flask? :-)

Gallivanter said...

Cool, new words! :-)


elcynthia said...

yes.. Balang = jar??
thanks for your contribution.*smile*

yeah.. *wink*

msLabadin said...

Kenui: Little Eagle

Gituen: Star

Walawei... punya cool nama ur child-ren... sy ndak ingat lah nama kadazan/dusun yg sebegitu cool :)

kena tanya my mom lah ni.

my son: PAGAGO means itu sayur pegaga (I think!)

maybe i shud blog abt tis as well kan??? thanks for sharing dear...

elcynthia said...

haha.. itu baru CHILD tu ah! hopefully the 'REN' will follow up pretty soon. well, will be waiting for your post then! ciao!!

ayun said...

angud = young (Linda's Lundayeh name)

darung = ?? what i used to know was that it is some sort of 'penyakit dlm mata kerbau'?? hahaha.. but my bro-in-law said it is a place of storing... or something like wealth...**need help here** hahah

labo = rat/mouse

pengiran = pengeran - any other spelling?

busak = urm... i lost the word...

libu = fat akkakakkaka

bulan = bulan (source bro-in-law - ladies name as it symbolises the beauty)

abai = nomad ppl..hahah.. moving-around (source from bro-in-law)

tuked = something to support

litad = passed by or just left

dawar = call/ being called

Purait = Thunder!!(source bro-in-law)

Udan = Rain~

Rip = it is a piece of red clothe worne by dancers or being tight to a tayan(meaning.. even though it is just a small thing, but it can be seen so clearly)

Tayan (ta-yen) = Sikutan..hahaha.. what is it in English?

Riung = water jar

Correction for Balang = it's tiger actually :)

Too much already huh? :)

elcynthia said...


'busak' means... bud

balang... *lol*.. that's the true meaning, but if you're not Lundayeh, then a jar is so much easier.

ah yes... you really compiled a lot here! thanks..

LKH said...

heyy..first time come to know about this lundayeh people... i have heard lunbawang during my working period in sarawak... im planning to visit sipitang and lawas in this may.1 may / 31 may ? haha.. btw im in labuan also, wil be here til end of the year.

elcynthia 정래진 said...

hi LKH:
If you're considering to visit Lawas around end of May, why don't you spend another day there? Lawas held a Pesta Lunbawang/ Lundayeh every 1st June. It's a good way to know the people more though they don't really stick 100% with traditional thingy but its almost there. ^^

LunTau said...

I add some,

Kuyat = monkey

Apui = fire

Sut = small

Keruak = bird name

Libu = also can be a "Round"

Hafizi Fazli said...

HI there, I am interested in knowing and learning other people's language... I am a teacher in kemabong, Tenom so I used to hear my students converse in Lundayeh... at first I was puzzled cos I never heard this language before, at first it sounded like thai... but now I can feel the beauty of the language....most of my Lundayeh students got their middle name in Lundayeh like Siam, Sigar, Labo, Abo, Dayang, Ulung, Busak... hehe the decur are all metaga :)

I am still learning Lundayeh now... hope to be able to bala lundayeh one day...

Sigar = crown..
Busak = flower bud..

students always greet me Do Fakak in the morning.. and do malem during the night...

betulkah ni? hehehe...
I even save a list of lundayeh words on my phone every time my students teach me a new word...

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

hi Hafizi,

yes, u are on the right track for the greetings :). good luck in your journey for i am yet too far from saying it's my native language :P

Xiiao Kevin said...

hi hi.. can u share ur list of lun dayeh words with me? im vry interested in learning them please?

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

hi Xiiao Kevin,
what kind of words you're interested to learn?

if you meet someone for the first time, a simple greeting would be, "Anun bala" -How are you?

"Bala do" -i'm fine (or also means Good News)

if you search online, there are quite some info on the language nowadays. All the best in your journey